* The NOIM document will usually be completed by us at our first meeting.
* If it is required to be completed before our first meeting due to time constraints, the relevant parts of pages 3 & 4 of the form must be fully completed by you, including your signatures being witnessed by a relevant witness.
* The completed NOIM must be received by me as your Celebrant a minimum of one (1) calendar month prior to the proposed wedding date. To achieve this timeline, it may be emailed to me at [email protected] but the original document must still be received by me before the wedding can take place.
NB: Please print the original NOIM pages 3 & 4 as a double-sided document.
*A NOIM expires after 18 months, so if your planned wedding date is deferred beyond this time, it will be necessary to complete another NOIM.
*The ORIGINAL of the identity documents used for this document must also be sighted (and copied) by me before the wedding can take place.