GEM Professional Celebrancy

I am a Gippsland based, registered Professional Marriage and Civil Celebrant and a member of the ACMCV. I live in Traralgon in Gippsland, Victoria and may travel anywhere in Australia for you. To make your marriage ceremony dream come true, please contact me. I do more than weddings too, so please enquire with me for all your ceremonial needs. GEM Professional Celebrancy is LGBTI+ inclusive.

My name is Graham Edward Madin, hence GEM are my initials. A precious gem such as a diamond given to a loved one for engagements, buying a ruby for special anniversaries, or finding the right celebrant for you and your ceremony is special.
Each ceremony that I create is bespoke, and tailored to suit you, my client… another gem!

** See my COVID-19 restriction period pricing offer on the Contact page ** **DISCOUNT OFFER EXTENDED**

** Yes – I am fully COVID-19 and Influenza vaccinated.**

Why choose me?

Having worked with a ‘people’ focus for over 40 years, I have the skills to provide the right amount of assistance and guidance to you. Because I love to create and present individual ceremonies, I include you at every stage. Whether you need a ceremony for that special day or time in your life, or to celebrate the life of a lost loved one, I would love to work with you. Together we will create your very own special ceremony with just the right balance of formality, humour and love. I will guide you on tradition and ‘looking outside the box’ when it comes to creating your special ceremony, making it ‘very you’.
Please talk with me about your ideas to make it happen.

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